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Our modern transportation business run the gamut from personal dispatch and moving and storage services, to large scale freight operations. Depending on your level of interest as a prospective customer, you have plenty of options on the table:

  • Trucks & Heavy duty
  • Distribution
  • Medical Transportation
  • Auto transport business
  • Charter bus services

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Our Activities

Our core duty is to transport goods or passengers from one location to another. We provide services to individual, other companies or global trade partners. We have specialized in a number of activities, including individual ride-share services, hauling of consumer goods, or international supplies and products.

Personal transport

This includes one-on-one services catered to individuals or small groups, including things like taxi services, ride-share opportunities and limousines.

Local transport

This category serves regional markets by transporting things like livestock, materials, consumer goods from region to region. The opportunities might be commercial or private, depending on the distributed materials.

Global transport

Our Global transport category encompass other aspects but on an international scale which includes sea shipping or air-based delivery of cargo..

Extreme Transparency Policy

Our Extreme Transparency Policy ensures that our customers receives a transparent price feed, transparent liquidity, transparent historical data, transparent market information at all times.


Each category might require a unique knowledge of state, federal or even international laws to comply. Based on your interest, you can plan your next steps accordingly.

Why traders choose us


You will get the best of service at your own convenient.

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With Phoxtra transport, passengers and goods get to their destination safely.

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Customer Expectation

Our services are delivered on time without delay.

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Strategy development

Range of markets


modernized salon cars for customer’s comfort, we pick you from location to destination. .

couriers service

Your goods are well protected with us, we have competent record keepers who have been trained to arrange and drive orders to it rightful owners.


Our expertise in carrier has enhanced the trucking rally, satisfy customer needs and differentiate us from rivals.


We have bus bookings for group travel or tour.

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