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We are offering excellent, quality products and services in a manner that generate fair-equitable returns for present and future owners, and superior values to meet customer’s expectation.


Our entire process will be conducted through online and physical services that has excellent references within our reach.


Our prices will not beat the competition. We are aware, price only cannot beat competition, that is why we prefer to focus on assessing customer expectations.

Our Mission

The Phoxtra Co. Ltd. mission is to create a competitive marketing space in all aspect that will offer customers the best of products and services. We are committed to provide quality and value for customers’ choice.

About Us


We identify foreign markets, product development, payments, financial processes and documentation to ensure easy movement of goods and operations with international supplies. We have modernize system “EIMS” with the focus to facilitate the exchange of capital, goods and services across international borders or territories when there is a need for market.

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Our solar energy power is making the difference to replace traditional power supply.  Our solar technology will harness energy for a variety of uses, including generating electricity, providing light or a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for domestic, commercial, or industrial and rural communities.

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Shop Phoxtra

Phoxtra Co. Ltd., initiated one the finest retailing platform ‘Shop Phoxtra’ to serve customers who have taste for high value traditional hand made product. Despite the high level competition in the Electronic commerce industry, we have been able to stand out from all competition with a unique niche market to differentiate ourselves industry rivals.

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Modern transport system are the backbone of successful economies, they are the lifelines of rural, cities, regions and cross countries to provide important economic and social service. Our company Phoxtra Co. Ltd. have initiated a strategic transport system “PhoxDrive’ which is  going provide an outstanding transport service to ease movement of goods and traders within our reach. The hustle of good land transport is over, thanks to Phoxtra Co. Ltd. for this modernized transport initiative.

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Making of goods by hand or machine that upon completion the business sells to a customer cannot be overlooked. We are going to use components parts and raw materials for our production, and it will happen on a larger-scale production line of machinery, skills and technology. ‘Samphox’ is our product product brand from electronics to fashion.

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We will create, process, store, retrieve, and exchange all kinds of data and information. Our software will be used within the context of business operations and events as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies. The first tech product from Phoxtra Co. Ltd is ‘Lookie” a multipurpose engine for research and event information.

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